Website update

I’ve made some changes to the website today. The most significant is aligning the blog name to my Twitter name and site URL – Kefteji.

Kefteji, besides being one of my favorite Tunisian dishes, is a metaphor for Tunisian society. At its best, Kefteji is a balanced mix of Tunisia’s bountiful agricultural production, a balance of spicy peppers, garlic, olive oil and eggs. But, if unbalanced – the peppers too spicy, or the eggs undercooked – it can be a disaster. I’ll try to keep my posts balanced, like the best kefteji.

From a content perspective, I’ll be refocusing some of my work toward highlighting Tunisian voices. Up until now, I’ve mostly written with my own voice, using my own analysis. In the coming months, I hope to update more regularly, using more Tunisian voices as springboards for conversations. I’ll be highlighting not just Tunisian writers that I read, but also reaching out to Tunisians to contribute to Kefteji. Contributions are more than welcome.

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