Tunisian cats take their place in politics

There is so much that can be (and has been written) about post-revolutionary art in Tunisia. From street art to photography, there has been an explosion in politically-oriented expression. I look forward to writing more about it, but for today, just some comic relief. These are from Nadia Khiari (read her profile in Paris Match) who is the artist behind Willis from Tunis, one of the sharpest cartoonists working in Tunisia today. I’ve provided English translations (and context where appropriate) in the captions.

At the Constituent Assembly: "Ok guys, thanks to the Salafists, female circumcision, the snow, the jailed journalist, floods they're giving us a break." "I propose a swarm of locusts so that we can continue to do nothing in complete tranquility" For Tunisian's upset at the slow progress of their newly elected parliament.

Residents of Tunisia found that cats became extra affectionate during Tunisia's recent cold spell. This cartoon is a play on words with chat (cat) and chauffage (heater).

On the anniversary of Tunisia's revolution: "So, Mr. Ben Ali, what do you have to say on this January 14, 2012." "I was right to get the heck out of there."

January 13, 2011 Ben Ali: "I have understood you." January 13, 2012 The Troika (Mustapha Ben Jafaar, Hamadi Jebali, Moncef Marzouki):"He have understood nothing." This plays on Ben Ali's famous last speech to Tunisians before he was forced to flee the country.

What is the Emir of Qatar doing in Tunisia? "Inventory" Playing on the fear that Tunisia is becoming a tool of Qatar.