Constituent services come to Tunisians abroad – kind of

The magazine 216 (for Tunisians abroad) has established a sort of constituent service for Tunisians to follow their elected representatives in the Tunisian Constituent Assembly. Tunisian abroad are represented by 18 representatives from various constituencies around the world.

From Tunisiensdumonde’s press release:

The service “Follow my representative,” is a contribution to the dialogue between Tunisian citizens abroad and their elected representatives to the Constituent Assembly, published by the magazine and website Tunisiensdumonde 00216, unrelated to any political party or institution. The ultimate goal is to make Tunisians citizens abroad involved in building democracy in Tunisia….

So far so good. What’s more, the site has usefully added pertinent information and bios about all of Tunisia’s elected reps overseas. Unfortunately, it has also decided to filter submitted questions through an editorial board to avoid “overburdening” the officials:

Each user can submit online a subject in the news. To avoid overloading the work of elected officials and ensure timely responses, we limit the number of public issues to 6 per month. An editorial board selects the questions submitted by citizens based on their interest and their relevance to current events. Once these issues are validated and published on the site, a mail notification is sent to the eighteen representatives abroad to invite them to respond.

Of course, if you don’t want to go through an intermediary, you can also contact your assembly member directly, on Twitter.