Photo of the Day: Pig crossing in Jendouba, Tunisia

Pigs aren’t exactly that welcome here in Tunisia. While pork products can be found in a few specialty shops in Tunis (and French grocery chain Carrefour), one has to look pretty hard to find anything porcine in the country. That is, except for the country’s significant population of wild boars. Throughout northwest Tunisia’s forests one can find large populations of these wild, yet delectable creatures.

Picture of the day: Tunisian bagpipes on the way to Kalaat Khasba

One of my favorite Middle East culture bloggers, Michael Collins Dunn of the Middle East institute, recently posted about Tunisian bagpipes. This followed a Tunisia Live story on the instrument, called a mezoued in Tunisian. I thought I would follow suit as part of my picture of the day series. This photo comes from August 1999 when I traveled to Tunisia’s west for the first time. Taking the train from Tunis to Khalaat Khasba on a hot summer day, I met a family traveling home. Luckily, one of the family members played the mezoued, making for a memorable travel experience, and an inspiring train ride.

Tunisian bagpipes aboard the SNCFT from Tunis to Kalaat Khasba