Kefteji’s anniversary – one year of covering the Tunisian uprising

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year, but 126 articles later, the Kefteji blog still has plenty to say about the ever-changing political and social landscape in Tunisia.

Last year in my first post on this site I wrote:

I am writing to document this moment in history and to think about the joy, the optimism, the contradictions, and the fear borne of this new found freedom. The Tunisian revolution has been an opportunity for an entire society to have a debate (sometimes publicly, sometimes privately) about what society should be…It’s an opportunity that has raised profound questions about what government should be, the value of democracy and its limitations, the role of religion and the state, and the intersection of development, corruption, and international finance.

Today, as I write, instability has continued to plague the country, Tunisians debate openly about whether they are on the right track, and religion, corruption, and the economy are as important as ever.

Despite the peaceful handover of power following free and fair elections and the appointment of a representative assembly, Tunisia’s future is still very much up in the air. Which is all the more reason to continue monitoring, analyzing and debating Tunisia’s politics and culture.

Thanks to all my readers for a great first year. The growth in readership over the last year has been astounding to me and I appreciate all of the comments, feedback, and support. Keep it up and I will too! Happy reading.

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