Top posts in 2011 – Pornography trumps all

What can I say about this, if you want page hits, use pornography in the title of your post. In 2011 I published 50 articles on my blog, which went live in mid-June. Besides the anomaly of porno (an article about the ongoing internet censorship debates in Tunisia), my readership has increased steadily over the last six months, though especially at the time of the historic elections in October 2011. Three out of my top five articles were published the week of the elections. Rounding out the list is my article from last month on the anniversary of Mohammed Bouazizi’s self-immolation.

Voila the top 5:


Give me my porno!

What’s the real story about the Tunisian elections? Hint, it’s not all about Ennahdha

Gallery: Election day arrives in Tunisia

Ben Ali’s Propaganda from Bouazizi to January 14

5 best Tunisian elections videos

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